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If you have any special designs you would like digitized, please contact us.
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Associations, Businesses, Clubs, Corporations, Individuals, Medical and Professional Organizations, Teams, Military Units, and Schools all benefit from embroidered apparel.
Digitizing is the process of converting your hard copy logo or design to a digitized computer software embroidery file. Once your design is in this form it can be sewn out by a computerized embroidery machine.
The process of digitizing your design, is similar to C.A.D. programming. Each stitch, or grouping of stitches, may be manually programmed by hand or generated with the aid of digitizing software.
Embroider USA Florida

Offers the highest quality design digitizing service.
Our digitizers are exceptionally talented at combining art and
technology for perfect designs every time.

If you don't have a pre-existing design or logo, or want to
make changes to an existing one, we can help!

Our highly skilled art department can help create your
design or logo to your specifications.

All that's needed is your logo/design idea and we will make your design come to life.


Camera ready art in jpg, gif, bmp or
PhotoShop format preferred.

State finished size of design,
 Type of fabric to be sewn upon

Preferred machine format of design for accurate quote.

Email us for a quote

Have Your Craft Projects Come To Life ..
Craft Ideas Digitized
Standard Service
Per design pricing

$15.00 per hourly rate, most designs are completed within 1-2 hours

Some designs may be digitized at a minimum of $3.50 - $7.50 if sold on site.

Minimum $20 for Business Logo designs
Extra charges may apply for changes to original artwork

Simple edit charges - $12.50 minimum & up for changes made to digitized designs after purchase acceptance.  If we do not hear from you within 3 business days of sending/receiving the design and changes are asked to be made, the above charge will apply.


If you have any special designs you would like digitized, please contact us. .


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